Thursday, 4 September 2014

Burt Bacharach - Burt Bacharach [1971]


* New Remaster September 2014*
1971 / A&M / SP 3501
Sometimes you have to indulge yourself, and no website of mine is complete without a few choice Burt Bacharach albums. If there was one era I could jump back in time to it's the era in which Burt and his groovy-lounge chord sequences were at in the hearts of minds of many pop music lovers everywhere. Anyone who says Burt is "easy" hasn't listened to the six minute version of "Wives And Lovers" or the startling "Freefall". For nice songwriting, check out "Hasbrook Heights". This is one of my alltime favourite albums.

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reayx5 said...

I was checking through my songs and noticed I didn't have many of these tunes. Thanks for sharing this album.


lemoncat,, said...

fantastic post VS these two bacharachs are really super :) thanx.

deGallo said...

Burt Bacharach-Same...well I gave it the headphone test and the listenibg result is A++. Great work on this LP. I'm listening to April Fools a favorite of mine as I type...wonderful.
What a great songwriter!! I had to check out the vocalist on "One Less Bell To Answer" and found that Cissy Houston is Whitney Houston's mother. As I had nothing by Cissy I went in search and got a few from the net.
Thank your for your time and care to produce this LP. I hope everyone appreciates how much work this involves! Looking forward to more fab posts.

Unknown said...

Dear Raph,
the rapidshare link is sadly dead.
Could you kindly repost this album somewhere ?


Unknown said...

Thank you very much for this re-upload. I was really waiting for it: even if I own the vynil (now signed by Bacharach himself after his Vittoriale summer concert; I'm so proud!), I needed a digital copy to put in my mp3 player.


Ivanhoe Ivanhoe said...

Cissy Houston is definitely an underrated and outstanding performer. I really love this album.