Thursday, 24 April 2014

Burt Bacharach - Lost Horizon OST [1973]


* New Remaster April 2014 *
1973 / Bell / 1300
I kept getting messages to repost this - so here you go! The film was a massive flop when it came out in 1973; Bacharach was losing his vogue and the musical feeling in the air was changing. However, the soundtrack is still brilliant Bacharach - you want proof then check out "The Things I Will Not Miss", "Reflections" or the vibrant, life-affirming "Question Me An Answer". The film isn't as bad as everyone says - though I did watch it on pristine Bluray; the soundtrack has been spun a dozen times or so since I acquired it! This has been released on CD from a vinyl master - but IMHO this rip is ten - actually no - a hundred times better! Enjoy! 

Apple Lossless & Artwork


reayx5 said...

I remember seeing the film when it came out. Unfortunately musicals were out of favor at the time.


wkc said...

Have been looking for a replacement for this vinyl for a few years now. Loved Shawn phillips voice on title track.

Bobby Reed said...

Wonderful! I was raised on this album, I wore it out dancing around to THINGS I WILL NOT MISS. Thanks for this.

abrazados a la VERDAD said...

Hi there,
The link is dead.
Could you put another link?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Thanks very much!