Sunday, 23 March 2008

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (1979)

Warner - K 66088
1. Over and Over
2. The Ledge
3. Think About Me
4. Save Me a Place
5. Sara
6. What Makes You Think You're the One
7. Storms
8. That's All for Everyone
9. Not That Funny
10. Sisters of the Moon
11. Angel
12. That's Enough for Me
13. Brown Eyes
14. Never Make Me Cry
15. I Know I'm Not Wrong
16. Honey Hi
17. Beautiful Child
18. Walk a Thin Line
19. Tusk
20. Never Forget
In my opinion, the greatest Non-Beatles album of all time, and certainly better than the White Album which it is often compared to, Tusk is a Fleetwood Mac masterpiece. Brutally slated in its post Rumours wake, the album lives in nearly thirty years later thanks to some brilliant new-wave Lindsey Buckingham songs and a fantastic breadth of songwriting across Buckingham, Nicks and McVie. The vinyl version has different mixes of some songs, in particular Buckingham's masterpiece "I Know I'm Not Wrong". I'd take this to a desert island if I were to be shipwrecked....
Source: Vinyl (Remastered using Sony Sound Forge and Waves X-Crackle)
Format: 256kbps mp3
Album Link: Sides A/B: Here Sides C/D: Here
password: buckingham


reayx5 said...

Interesting... didn't know about the vinyl mixes being different. I wouldn't compare it in quality to "The Beatles" aka "The White Album", but it was a bold album to make after "Rumours". But I am a Beatles fanatic.


Raph said...

I'm also a Beatles nut, and although I'd take Abbey Road or Let It Be over Tusk, I'd certainly favour Mac over "The Beatles/White Album". Thanks for your comments - Raph