Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Lynda Carter - Portrait (1978)


* New Remaster May 2014 *

1978 / CBS/Epic / JE 35308
The more seventies' actresses releasing albums the better in my book! Here's a truly wondrous album from TV's Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter! Very rare, and very good in the easy-listening pop/rock genre you know I love! Good sound quality too - so what ya waiting for!!

Apple Lossless & Artwork


reayx5 said...

More great postings. Love this Seventies stuff. I was usually too embrassed to buy this stuff at the record store as a teenager, but that's what's great about not being a teenager.


Lacey said...

This was one of two albums she did.
I cannot find the second around and this one is indeed rare. You might want to post the back cover as it is always an eye opener for your male readers.

Steve said...

another great post from my childhood, thanks for sharing!

nwt679 said...

I have been after a copy of this forever. You are a star.

Qookie said...

This album will never be released by Sony Epic on CD ever. Every needledrop is a prized work of art! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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Qookie said...

May I know what was improved in the May 2014 remaster? Thanks!

Tanktop said...

Been searching to replace my old Lynda record forever!
I feel this record is very underrated, as well as our pop chanteuse's talent here.
Verrrry niice....
Thank you for the nice rip, Mr. 'Wreck!

Rich said...

Does anyone have the 2 bonus tracks from the Wounded Bird release? richnrich04@gmail.com