Sunday, 8 May 2011

Meco - Ewok Celebration (1983)

Arista - AL8-8098
1. Ewok Celebration (From "Return Of The Jedi")
2. Lapti Nek (From "Return Of The Jedi")
3. Themes From "Star Wars"
4. Nights Are Forever (From "Twilight Zone - The Movie")
5. Theme From "Simon And Simon"
6. Maniac (From "Flashdance")
7. Love Theme (From "Superman III")
8. Themes (From "Wargames")
Quite a curious album here - Meco, clinging on to the last days of synthesizer pop and the last of the then Star Wars films releases Ewok Celebration, and it's better than you'd think! Aside from the quirky title track, there are great versions of "Maniac" and "Wargames". This is quite rare now, so snap it up fellow Vinyl castaways!
Source: Vinyl (Remastered using Sony Sound Forge and Waves X-Crackle)
Format: FLAC / Lame 320kbps mp3



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reayx5 said...

Read your description, thought about it, thought about it again, and then... why not? May the force be with you.


Moe said...


Lacey said...

Always loved the MECO stuff.
He would come out with his renditions of the Star Wars movies almost as fast as the original sound tracks.

This one and Empire were a little short however. Good, but short.

Keep up the good work.

the saucer people said...

Wow, this is the MECO 'rare as rocking horse sh*t' album - never thought I would ever see it surface in the music blog universe and overjoyed to be proved wrong!

Like most MECO albums it is hit and miss but when he hits the spot its a sheer delight. The versions of the Return Of The Jedi tracks are just wonderful and the Wargames track is just joyous early eighties clunky robofunk synth heaven.

Also huge thanks for including the 12 inch of Ewok Celebration, I am so excited to finally here it I am not even gonna bitch that its in 128kbps ;)

Many thanks again for rescuing all this great music from the memory hole..most appreciated.

Raph said...

You are mistaken my friend - 256kbps - I might dig out a flac version soon!

D-Man said...

I had the 45 for 'Ewok Celebration' when I was younger. I took it over to my neighbors house, which was the Parsonage for the local Nazarene minister. The minister's son played it and started doing a crazy dance and his Mom yelled at him saying, " See! See what that music does to you!! That's the devil inside you!!" I realy wnated to laugh, but she was so serious it was scary!! Thanks for posting this awesome demonic slab of wax!!

Rudy Martinez said...

Somebody it there,,,,,,,, yuo have a new links for the Tracks.....

Greeting...... from Guatemala....