Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Paul Williams - Just An Old Fashioned Love Song (1971)

A&M - AMLH 64327
1. Waking Up Alone
2. I Never Had It So Good
3. We've Only Just Begun
4. That's Enough For Me
5. Perfect Love
6. An Old Fashioned Love Song
7. Let Me Be The One
8. Simple Man
9. When I Was All Alone
10. My Love And I
11. Gone Forever
I think this is the strongest Paul Williams album, with startling quality throughout. "We've Only Just Begun" was more famous as a Carpenters hit, but "Let Me Be The One" and the title track really render this a must-listen! Paul Williams is certainly a forgotten darling of the seventies!
Source: Vinyl (Remastered using Sony Sound Forge and Waves X-Crackle)
Format: 256kbps mp3
Album Link: Here
password: bugsymalone


reayx5 said...

Thanks for a long lost gem.


wkc said...

Thanks for a true old fashioned love song!

Pete said...

Very, very much appreciated.

Ozzy said...

Thanks a lot Sir , I only know his work from Phantom of the Paradise!

Hank Everett said...

Link is dead. Any chance of a reup? Thanks in advance!