Friday, 21 March 2014

Paul Williams - A Little Bit Of Love [1974]


1974 / A&M / AMLH 63655
I get requested for Paul Williams more than any other artist so here you go - a new remaster and a reupload of his 1974 effort. Some good tracks, particularly "Sunday" and "Nice To Be Around" -  Enjoy PW fans!

Apple Lossless and Artwork


reayx5 said...

Again, another great posting. Thanks.


Todd said...

Thanks for all of the PW stuff! I've been looking for anything by him for some time. Great Job!

wkc said...

Thanks so much for sharing this one

Anonymous said...

Now if you can just get "Life Goes On" and "Here Comes Inspiration" up here, you'll have all the A&M lp's.

Enrique said...

Reupload plis.
Very thanks.

SamuraiFrog said...

I just discovered this today! I've been a big Paul Williams fan since I was a little kid (my Mom always played his records). Thanks for uploading these and taking real time with them, I've been downloading them today and they sound fantastic. If you can see your way to re-upping this one sometime soon, I'd be grateful. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Leandro said...

Excelente disco. Por favor, podrias reponer el link. Gracias
Desde Argentina