Saturday, 26 April 2008

America - America (1971)

Warner - K 46093
1. Riverside
2. Sandman
3. Three Roses
4. Children
5. Here
6. I Need You
7. Rainy Day
8. Never Found The Time
9. Clarice
10. Donkey Jaw
11. Pigeon Song
People often write off America as CSN wannabes, but in my opinion both bands are in a class of their own, and not many albums are better than America's debut self-titled effort. Kick-starting right in with "Riverside", easily the rockiest acoustic number you'll ever find, the quality stays throughout both sides, with classics like "Sandman", "Children" and "Never Found The Time". I saw America in concert last year and they rocked! More albums to come at a later date, but for now, here's the opener!
Source: Vinyl
Format: 256kbps mp3 (Volume increased by +6dB using MP3Gain)
Album Link: Here
password: noname

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