Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Beatles - At The Hollywood Bowl [1977]


1977 / MFP / MFP 41 5676 1
A perfect, if slightly studio-faked, snapshot of the Fab Four in their fan-screaming prime, here is a rock&roll audible treat soaked in mid-sixties hysteria. The album is over before you know it, and it's no wonder John, Paul, George & Ringo all decided to retreat to the studio after experiences like this. Personally, I love the abridged "Twist And Shout" at the beginning and Ringo's turn at "Boys". Delightful!

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mandustrian said...

i've been searching for a good, lovingly-homemade vinyl rip of this record for ages. no idea why i never discovered this blog/page before. but here i am at last! it almost made me weak at the knees and... the link is dead!!! =(

i know it's not nice to ask for re-uploads. but sometimes you just can't help it, you gotta try. if you're "relaxed" than maybe you're the one who COULD be asked?

best regards, & with a small hope,

Raph said...
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mandustrian said...

Many, Many, Many thanks Raph! well, i knew you were the one to lodge an appeal with!

- while the Star-Club tapes have undergone a long, long conveyor-belt trip of refinements/refindings/emendations since the first Lingasong LP's - and quite justly so! -- in *this* case we have George Martin's work, impeccable as always & best heard in that warm, comfortable, original vinyl sound. - if you'd ever wanna buy those re-issue cd boots then it's only for more physical tracks.


an awful blog, too. i just browsed a bit & i think i'll keep calling round. thanx again!!
-- best vibes, mandustrian

mandustrian said...

ps. DID i say "awful"?????

oh. accept my. a slip of the keys... caused by restless thoughts rambling on the side... not your site))

awesome. yes it really are=))


callmyname58 said...

I want to say thank you very very much, I am a huge beatles fan even though I was born in 92, but when I read about this album I just had to get it but I found out that it wasn't on Cd i was kinda sad. When i found this upload, you just made my day! Thank you very very much!

HyginusJackson said...

Thank you very much for upgrading to lossless format. I've listen to several version of this album including the EMTV 4 and some bootlegs. This version has the best sound quality IMO.

Tony Angel said...

could you please make a new link for this awesome lp......

when clicking on download this is the notice....

Error (429)
This link is temporarily disabled. The person who shared it hit their daily limit of traffic or downloads. Learn about traffic limits.

thank you

tony angel