Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Liz Damon With The Orient Express - Me Japanese Boy (I Love You) (1973)


Delilah - DS 1003
1. Me Japanese Boy (I Love You)
2. Sugar
3. There'll Come A Time
4. Again
5. There's No Such Thing As Love
6. Little Song
7. I'm A Song
8. What Have They Done To The Moon
9. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
10. You Haven't Seen My Love
11. I Never Had It So Good

Trust me when I say that this LP is rarer than rare, and it cost me the most I've paid on eBay that's for sure!! The brilliant soft-op lounge tones of Liz Damon, performing "Me Japanese Boy", one of my favourite Bacharach/David obscure hits as well as a host of others. The songbook of Neil Sedaka crops up a few times, and this is half-hour of pure smokey lounge gold. Enjoy! You won't find this on CD anywhere!
Me Japanese Boy (I Love You)

What Have They Done To The Moon

Source: Vinyl
Equipment Used: Pro-Ject Debut III turntable / Audio Technica AT440MLa Phono Cartridge / Knosti Disco Antistat cleaning fluid
Remastered Using: Audacity / Sony Sound Forge 9, Waves X-Crackle / Waves X-Click Plugin / Click Repair / dBpoweramp
Format: LAME 320kbps CBR mp3
Remaster Quality: B

password: orientexpress


reayx5 said...

You sure know how to make an album sound interesting. This is the kind of stuff I might normally pass over, but it's just what I like. Thank you.


Vinyl Room said...

Hello Vinyl Shipwreck,

I have just come across your site, very nice....

Is it ok to add you to my blog? you can add mine to yours if you wish.

Please let me know.


Vinyl Room said...

Oh, and what a lovely album this is by Liz Damon, thank you.....

Did you know that the first track on this album was also sung by Bobby Goldsboro.


Axel said...

Dear Mister Vinyl Shipwreck!

Thank you so much for making these fantastic LPs available and remastering them so beautifully! WOW ! I have been searching for the Jack Jones Nobody does it better LP forever! :-)

WOOOOHOOOOW!!!! It's disco time!

Jay Hill said...

Glad I was able to find this! I hope you don't mind me sampling it for a song in the future. You'll surely be credited if i use it!

Michael Alden said...

The link is dead, as is rapidshare. Could you please re-post?