Thursday, 8 May 2008

Art Garfunkel - Fate For Breakfast (1979)

CBS - 86082
1. In A Little While (I'll Be On My Way)
2. Since I Don't Have You
3. And I Know
4. Sail On A Rainbow
5. Miss You Nights
6. Bright Eyes
7. Finally Found A Reason
8. Beyond The Tears
9. Oh How Happy
10. When Someone Doesn't Want You
11. Take Me Away
The lovely Art Garfunkel, everyone knew he was the voice and Paul Simon was the songwriting genius, and yet I'd take Art's solo output over Paul's anytime!! This is my fave Art album; sun-drenched beach-house-pop/rock that really caught everything at the tail-end of the seventies. "And I Know" and "Sail On A Rainbow" are lush gems - think of this album as a more saccharine companion to Dennis Wilson's "Pacific Ocean Blue".
Source: Vinyl
Format: 256kbps mp3 (Volume increased by +6dB using MP3Gain)
Album Link: Here
password: paulsimon


reayx5 said...

Sounds like a good album. Thanks as always.


Ron said...

Thank you so much. Apart from "Bright Eyes" I've never heard this one. I still think "Breakaway" is his best work, but I do like this...