Monday, 26 May 2008

Shirley Bassey - Something (1970)

United Artists - UAS 29100
1. Something
2. Spinning Wheel
3. Yesterday I Heard The Rain
4. The Sea And Sand
5. My Way
6. What About Today?
7. You And I (From The Mgm Film 'Goodbye Mr. Chips')
8. Light My Fire
9. Easy To Be Hard (From The Musical 'Hair')
10. Life Goes On (From The Film 'Z')
11. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (From The Mgm Film 'Happy Endings')
12. Yesterday When I Was Young
A powerpack of dynamite from Miss Bassey here - I'd argue this is her finest album! Why? Because each song appears to have been processed through the James Bond Genre Sound funnel and all amount to a belter collection! How about the ending of "Something" or "What About Today?" Even the slower numbers like "Easy To Be Hard" have that lush stringed early-seventies gold taste. Pow!
Source: Vinyl (Remastered using Waves X-Crackle plugin)
Format: 256kbps mp3 (Volume increased by +6dB using MP3Gain)
Album Link:
password: goldfinger


reayx5 said...

Thanks for another cool album.


Freeman said...

wow thanks for the album.

Jean said...

Fantastic, I downloaded this ages ago and left comment, but this has now gone. So, Many thanks again for this superb album