Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Beatles - Different Channels [A RaphPH Bootleg]

Here's something a bit different - a new Beatles Bootleg revealed exclusively here on Vinyl Shipwreck!
I mixed these tracks myself from the original Beatles Rock Band multitracks! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and for me (even if I did mix them myself) this is like having a new Beatles album!

Check out the samples

Album: Different Channels [A RaphPH Bootleg]
Artist: The Beatles
Year: 2011
Format: FLAC / 320 LAME mp3 CBR

Liner Notes
All tracks mixed from original Rock Band multitrack masters.
Nothing from original songs have been altered except left/right panning and track volume
*Except "Don't Let Me Down" whereby I fixed an obvious Billy Preston keyboard mistake around 2"00
I've added an unfixed version of "Don't Let Me Down" for purists

1. Don't Let me Down
Really brought out Billy Preston's excellent keyboard skills in the mix

2. Get Back
The most subtle of all the mixes in terms of change - just gave it a raw punch

3. Getting Better
Brought out all of the instruments you wouldn't normally pick up on and faded the guitar out

4. Here Comes The Sun
Made Synth more prominent and pushed the bass out more

5. I've Got A Feeling
Already two mixes of this song released - so wanted to focus on Billy's keyboard playing again

6. Revolution
A powerful stereo mix separating the excellent distorted Guitar parts for the first time.

7. Dig A Pony
Separated to each channel the bass and guitar and left Billy's Keyboard in the centre.

8. She's Leaving Home
This is a string mix - the vocals are less in front in favour of lush orchestration

9. Birthday
Focused more on the bass and a more stereo version

10. With A Little Help From My Friends
A stronger guitar mix and removed the "Billy Shears" cheer at the beginning

11. Helter Skelter
Blistering bass mix and pushed Paul's vocals up more

12. When I'm 64
Brought out the twee instrumentation and made it a cleaner channel mix

13. Hello Goodbye
Just focused on all of the secondary insruments and buried the vocals slightly

14. Don't Let Me Down (Bonus)
Same mix as above - but left the Billy Preston mistake unfixed

15. She's Leaving Home (Bonus)
Same mix as above - but changed speed to match original Mono Version

16. Don't Let Me Down (Mono)
Mono version of above mix


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