Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Anything For You (1987)


* New Remaster May 2014 *

1987 / Epic / 463125
This type of Eighties production is going out of fashion lately - I heard "1-2-3" in some club in London the other night and was immediately addicted - seeking out this Gloria Estefan album and remastering a good vinyl rip for you all to enjoy. There's lots of early Estefan / Miami Sound Machine gold here - such as "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" and "Betcha Say That"; ultimately this is the proof that Estefan could have been the Latino Madonna in the eighties.

Apple Lossless & Artwork


deGallo said...

Gloria Estefan - Anything For You...great rip...yes, awesome sound quality. Never really listened to GE before, but now I'm addicted to this album. Thank you very much for all the effort to produce results like this...and thank you for the scans too!!

TheLakersSUCK said...

This is an amazing blog..A real treasure to find, so much so..I have been spending most my online browsing here! The female artists albums are INCREDIBLY HARD- TO- FIND. I thanks you greatly. Love your writing to. So Glad I was looking for the "10" soundtrack. That was what led me to find your blog.

have a good week,

Jean said...

Link is unfortunately dead. Can you please re-up?

367 said...
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367 said...



Bom Dia, Estou visitando o blog pela primeira vez, e já encontro preciosidades, é possivel disponibilizar o linka deste Tesou da Gloria Estefan, eu tenho um dela de Boleros é uma Maravilha,é de uma leveza impressionante que voz, obrigado.