Thursday, 16 June 2011

These are all being remastered as we speak!

Am working through a batch - these coming hopefully by end of weekend!

Sade - Diamond Life
Alphonse Mouzon - Poussez!
Cheryl Ladd - Dance Forever
Liz Damon - Orient Express II

Monday, 13 June 2011

Switching from Soundcloud...

I think I will switch from Soundcloud - it doesn't let me preview copyrighted material - so will trial Grooveshark and see how that goes! 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Phil Collins - No Jacket Required (1985)

Virgin - V2345
1. Sussudio
2. Only You Know And I Know
3. Long Long Way To Go
4. I Don't Wanna Know
5. One More Night
6. Don't Lose My Number
7. Who Said I Would
8. Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore
9. Inside Out
10. Take Me Home
Phil Collins gets a bad rap, but this album is pure high-drenaline eighties synth-pop WOW!! Trust me and download it. Aside from mega hit Sussudio, why not check out the brooding ballad (featuring Sting) Long Long Way To Go or the Hall and Oates-style Don't Lose My Number. This is Collin's best album - available here in pure eighties' analogue WONDERNESS. 
Don't Lose My Number

Long, Long Way To Go

Source: Vinyl (Remastered using Sony Sound Forge and Waves X-Crackle)
Format: FLAC / Lame 320kbps mp3

password: genesis

Monday, 6 June 2011

What's coming up....

Hope you are enjoying the remastered titles.

I'm doing new rips of some of my more popular posts and reuploading them in FLAC / 320kbps. Here are some of the titles that you can expect soon (always subject to change depending on my mood)

Phil Collins - No Jacket Required
Barry Gibb - Now Voyager
Liz Damon - Liz Damon Volume II
Liz Damon - Me Japanese Boy
Twiggy - Twiggy
Cheryl Ladd - Dance Forever
Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass - Warm
Sade - Diamond Life
Sergio Mendes - Magic Lady
Yvonne Elliman - Love Me
Paul Williams - A Little Bit Of Love

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Maybe I overindulged...

in buying some records today at a fair.
Oh well!

Am sure you'll see some of these on Vinyl Shipwreck soon!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Paul Williams - Ordinary Fool (1975)


A&M - SP-4550
1. Flash
2. Lifeboat
3. Lone Star
4. Time and Tide
5. Even Better Than I Know Myself
6. Don't Call It Love
7. Lonely Hearts
8. Old Souls
9. Ordinary Fool
10. Soul Rest
Another quality mid-seventies effort from the master of pop/rock singer-songwriter Paul Williams. In my opinion nothing is as good as the title track in these choices of cuts, but there are only gains to be had by downloading the full album!
Source: Vinyl (Remastered using Sony Sound Forge and Waves X-Crackle)
Format: FLAC / 320kbps Lame mp3
 Paul Williams - Flash by vinyl-shipwreck 

 Paul Williams - Don't Call It Love by vinyl-shipwreck 

320kbps Lame mp3

password: bugsymalone