Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sade - Diamond Life [1984]


1984 / Epic / EPC 26044
Sade's original debut album and in my opinion her best. This is eighties' soulful grooves drenched in blissful analogue. There isn't a weak track here - the first side of the album is heavily worn out on my turntable. Check it out!

Apple Lossless & Artwork


deGallo said...

Sade...Always wanted a good vinyl rip of this album. Smooth Operator is a favorite song of hers for me. Most excellent sounding rip! I certainly appreciate this. Thank you.

Tanktop said...

Thank you so much for another warm 'n' wonderful rip, Mr. 'Wreck!
Mmmmmmmm....Sade...fave song - "Your Love Is King". You have shared a truly dreamy experience with us:)

Fanny said...

THANK YOUUUUU, thank you x10000 <3 <3