Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bobbie Gentry - Touch 'Em With Love [1969 Mono]


1969 / EMI / Capitol - E-T-155
I think all of Bobbie Gentry's albums are first rate, but this is her best - available here in MONO (never released on CD!) - There is barely a filler song on the album; this is the peak of her country/folk/pop crossover and she really was at the top of her game. I also have the STEREO version of the record and might post it someday!

Apple Lossless & Artwork


deGallo said...

Bobbie Gentry....OUTSTANDING my man!! The only pops, clicks I could discern were at the end of the fadeouts on some selections, and then only with headphones. Absolutely no distortion and no sibilance which always really bugs me with vinyl rips. Really enjoying this mono rip and would like to hear the stereo version if you decide to do it. Thank you and I agree this is one of her best albums.

Neil Dyer said...

I also really enjoyed this album, and am busy trying to track down more of her material. Thank you!

drfeelgoed said...

Listening to this album now, great sound, many thanks, also for the scanned artwork!

matias001 said...

Can you make Touch em with love available again for download?

Would really appreciate it.