Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Donovan - A Gift From A Flower To A Garden [Mono 1968]


* New Remaster April 2014 *

1968 - Mono - Pye - NPL 20000
Ah Donovan! This was a double-album curiousity when it came out - but it's quickly become one of his most loved albums - balancing stark acoustic folk with delicious baroque/sunshine pop! 22 loving tracks here - available in remastered mono from the 1968 vinyl - the mono version is no longer available on CD! Enjoy!

Apple Lossless And Artwork


deGallo said...

Donovan...Thank you for a nice rip on this double LP. Appreciated.

Gramophone said...

Please, I beg you, post this gem in FLAC, it's both a great album and a great needledrop.

Huge thanks!

Raph said...

Gramophone - drop me an email raphph@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the glorious mono and the extra flac links. Very much appreciated.


nonameorsurname said...

Great album, great rip.

Thanks for everything and for posting this in flac.

Ale Rossi said...

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