Friday, 1 July 2011

Editorial blah blah

Been busy later - sorry!
Was VIP at Glastonbury festival and work / real life shizzle to take care of.

Anyway - Just went to a record fair this lunchtime and bought a further 40 records! Loads of stellar Ray Conniff!!

I've recorded these and they are in the queue for remastering

Bobbie Gentry - Touch 'Em With Love (Mono)
Paul Williams - A Little Bit Of Love
Liz Damon - Liz Damon Orient Express II
Liz Damon - Me Japanese Boy
Alan Moorhouse - Beatles, Bach, Bacharach Go Bossa Nova

Plus lots more!!!! Keep the feedback coming!


etcetera man said...

Your needledrops sound great, but I'm curious about the whole process, if you do the declick/decrackle by hand or in automatic settings, the same about noise reduction, how much and how often you use it, etc.

Huge thanks for the wonderful word you're doing!

Raph said...

Hey etc man!

Here's what I do

Physically clean the records using disco antistat solution

I have a high end USB turntable - I have the Project Debut3 USB Turntable. I also have an Ortofon conchorde cartridge.

3 After recording the raw vinyl - I apply a Waves Crackle filter very softly.

4 I then listen through the whole record and manually remove any clicks by hand

deGallo said...

Hope the Liz Damon II comes up soon :}
Thank you for these wonderful sounding posts.

deGallo said...

I have been using Click Repair for some time now and find it the most amazing piece of software for digitizing LPs. Yes, I know all software makers tout theirs as the best. But, CR is without equal in my experience. I am certainly not suggesting that anything is wrong with your rips but possibly to make things a little easier/faster in the clean-up process you might want to try it. It is fully functional for 21 days free. Very small download and easy install. Here is the link
There is an abundance of info on restoration (such as recording at 96kHz for doing cleanup then downsample to 44100...supposedly clicks and pops can more easily be remove either auto or manually at this sample rate). At any rate, thank you for some great rips. Please...keep it up :)