Friday, 8 July 2011

Get ready - speed of delivery for awesome Vinylness will increase!

Thanks to a great tip by deGallo I decided to check out Click Repair as a tool for remastering last night and after some experimenting have found it to be amazing! 

Last night I remastered these five albums using it:

Twiggy - Twiggy
Paul Williams - A Little Bit Of Love
Heatwave - Candles
Liz Damon - Me Japanese Boy I Love You
Jack Jones - A Song For Us

And I listened to all of them today and the results were brilliant! It means I can push out albums to you guys much quicker now!

All of the above albums will be released here this weekend!


deGallo said...

RE:Click Repair...I did not want to say too much about Click Repair in my first comment about it for fear of alienating anyone who digitizes LPs. I used Adobe Auditions click/crackle remover for a long time as it was always touted as the premier app for this process by many people....until I found CR. Now, hands down, it is better than anything on the market. Many, many digitizers swear by it now. Read the manuals and find tips for using it. It is very variable and extremely easy to use. I wash with Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machine, record at 96/32, use CR judiciously depending on the condition of the LP, then some manual de-clicking with Adobe, downsample to redbook 44100/16, silent .05 second lead in and nice fade out with Adobe Audition after song is over. Tag songs, scan covers, etc.

Thanks for trying it as I will benefit from your very, very nice rips.

deGallo said...

I've been looking to see if the albums you mentioned for last weekend have been posted. Everything ok? Hope you are well and nothing has gone wrong with your blog. Take care. Thanks for all the music.

Raph said...

Hey deGallo!

Just been ironing out some tweaks! I think I got ahead of myself and assumed I could just push them out - when I still need to do some manually editing on each of the albums. Hope to get some out soon!

deGallo said...

No hurry at all sir. I'm glad you are taking your time because they will be even better. Thank you.