Thursday, 7 July 2011

I'm dispensing with FLAC / GrooveShark

Sorry Lossless fans! Looking at the download numbers - it's clear that FLAC is too much overhead compared to return - so for now I will be distributing albums in Lame 320kbps CBR mp3 only. If you are desperate enough for an album in FLAC and write to me nicely - I'm sure I could be persuaded depending on my mood.

Grooveshark - is flaky as a website - it appears is the solution!


deGallo said...

I have no problem with 320 from you because I know the quality will still be maintained. The only reason I like flac is from those with lesser skills at digitizing because I can remaster them myself. It is more difficult to clean up mp3's than flac (wav) files. That won't be necessary with your rips. Besides, with vinyl it is very difficult to hear the difference between the two formats taking into consideration the playback equipment used.

deGallo said...

Although my site is no longer active and I have changed my process to only Adobe Audition 3 and Click Repair (I did try Xcrackle) and flac format, some of the links are still active here

If you care to listen the Tommy Sands & Jo Stafford were both done with only the two software apps mentioned above. Absolutely no NR used (I hate that process)

Now I only contribute to two private sites.
Thanks for the quality of your rips. I look forward to visiting your blog and usually check it often.