Monday, 8 August 2011

Paul McCartney - Wings Greatest (1978)

MPL - PCTC 256
1. Another Day
2. Silly Love Songs
3. Live And Let Die
4. Junior’s Farm
5. With A Little Luck
6. Band On The Run
7. Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
8. Hi, Hi, Hi
9. Let ‘Em In
10. My Love
11. Jet
12. Mull Of Kintyre
This is not really required but I am having a big Macca kick at the moment - I was working in the States and managed to see him in concert at Wrigley Field in Chicago and so I dug this out!! Wings are SO UNDERRATED it hurts - they'll get their day again soon. This is an interesting selection - leaving out lots of quality numbers in favour of some obscure cuts - such as the BRILLIANT Junior's Farm.

Junior's Farm

Hi, Hi, Hi

Source: Vinyl
Equipment Used: Pro-Ject Debut III turntable / Audio Technica AT440MLa Phono Cartridge / Knosti Disco Antistat cleaning fluid
Remastered Using: Audacity / Sony Sound Forge 9, Waves X-Crackle / Waves X-Click Plugin / Click Repair / dBpoweramp
Format: LAME 320kbps CBR mp3
Remaster Quality: C

Password: frogsong

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