Friday, 2 September 2011

Heatwave - Central Heating (1977)

GTO - GTLP 027
1. Put The Word Out
2. Send Out For Sunshine
3. Central Heating
4. Happiness Togetherness
5. The Groove Line
6. Mind Blowing Decisions
7. The Star Of The Story
8. Party Poops
9. Leavin’ For A Dream
I keep sayin’ it – but I bloody love Heatwave and this is one of their strongest albums lovingly remastered for your audible pleasure. The engineering and sound design is something else – and I just CANNOT stop playing Party Poops or the title track! This is the second Heatwave album I’ve brought to the Shipwreck’s shores after CANDLES and I hope to bring Too Hot To Handle to you guys soon as well! Party party party!
Party Poops

Mind Blowing Decisions

Format: LAME 320kbps CBR mp3
Quality: A
password: poops

1 comment:

blake kersey said...

This is a great album start to finish! I wasnt satisfied one bit with the original groove line once I found the 12"!