Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks [1973]


1973 / Polydor / PD 5058
Well look at this! I was in Springfield, MO last week on business and look what turned up at Spit It In Your Ear records!! To make it even more of a swell deal, the record sounds AMAZING. This rare-as-hell release pre-Fleetwood Mac is a dazzling acoustic-rock treat that sounds just as sweet as Rumours! I couldn't get over this find! I've been hlistening to it everyday since. Still not available on CD! 

Apple Lossless & Artwork


Donovan - A Gift From A Flower To A Garden [Mono 1968]


* New Remaster April 2014 *

1968 - Mono - Pye - NPL 20000
Ah Donovan! This was a double-album curiousity when it came out - but it's quickly become one of his most loved albums - balancing stark acoustic folk with delicious baroque/sunshine pop! 22 loving tracks here - available in remastered mono from the 1968 vinyl - the mono version is no longer available on CD! Enjoy!

Apple Lossless And Artwork

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Still tinkering...

So I've given the site a tiny refresh...

Also - working out some changes...such as..

Who to host the files with?
What bitrate / format to upload?

To split albums into tracks or not? If I don't - I'll be able to upload albums much quicker - as I listen to my own needledrops as one whole album file.

I'm perfecting my special blend of remastering - using the latest, most expensive techniques with the most-minimal of noise-reduction. I hope you love them.

For the record, I'm demoing around 15 titles so expect them all to hit very soon.

Look forward to hearing feedback in the meantime.