Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks [1973]


1973 / Polydor / PD 5058
Well look at this! I was in Springfield, MO last week on business and look what turned up at Spit It In Your Ear records!! To make it even more of a swell deal, the record sounds AMAZING. This rare-as-hell release pre-Fleetwood Mac is a dazzling acoustic-rock treat that sounds just as sweet as Rumours! I couldn't get over this find! I've been hlistening to it everyday since. Still not available on CD! 

Apple Lossless & Artwork



Rex said...

What a great find. Thanks a million.

caracho said...

Hello from Hamburg, Germany,

Omo and Sven are writing...

Are you sure, this is originally recorded in 1973 ?

We can´t believe it. It sounds like a very modern production.

Be honest, you got the original tapes and you did a new mix and remastering..;-)

It´s so clear, so warm and so transparent...and you can´t hear anything about a vinyl, like a little bit of noise or scratching...

Awesome. And Amazing. We got Sonab OA 116 speaker and we enjoy every second...

Thank you very much.

Scott Zuckert said...


This is an awesome find so thank you very much.

Anyway I'm new to your site and I notice the album is a single apple lossless file. Could you please tell how I can split the file into individual songs.

Many thanks