Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Doris Day - Bright & Shiny [1961 Mono]


1961 / CBS / BPG 62053
Doris Day, movie and singing wonder-extraordinaire! Ol' Doris turned 90 last week; to celebrate, I've dusted off my favourite LP of hers in bright and shiny mono and shared the love. Not available on CD, and featuring classics such as I Want To Be Happy and great versions of Singin' In The Rain and Happy Talk. I love this and so will you!

Apple Lossless & Artwork

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Tanktop said...

You're darn right I like it!!
Give me upbeat and Doris anytime!
A wonderfully warm and twinkly rip, Mr. 'Wreck.
Your musical shariing of these out-of-the-way prizes is truly well as your enthusiasm for these worthwhile projects.